Thursday, June 5, 2008

My List

Okay, so today was pretty much spent cleaning. I wanted so badly to go to town and see if the entertainment center I saw at the thrift store was still there, but I resisted. I'll be going down in the morning anyway, so I'll check then. If it is there and it measures big enough for the tv, I'll be buying it and then I can finally pass ours off to Steph and Jeff! I am really crossing my fingers....

So, I did my list up last night. I took the rooms that people would actually be in and broke them down into each job that needed done. The front, the back, and the front of another page. Yikes. But that doesn't stress me out as much as looking at the whole house, so I started this morning. Now, I have the best friend! She called me this morning, and I mentioned my in-laws are coming. So she offered to come help tackle some stuff with me. I generally keep my house pretty clean. 5 days of the week it will be fairly nice. The other two are disasters, and that's always when people come over... Of course. So she came by and grabbed a broom. We have found cleaning goes faster with two, so next week I will go help her get her house in order before she goes on vacation.

I got done:
Living Room
Declutter shelves, entertainment center, and magazine rack; Dust living room; clean off piano and polish; vacumm floor and hide-a-bed; sweep and mop living room.

Dining Room
Clear off dining room bar and wash; clean fish tank; clean table; sweep and mop dining room

Wipe down cupboards, dishwasher and fridge; wash dishes and dishdrainer; wipe down microwave; clean off and wash countertops; wipe down appliances; sweep and mop floor.

Bathroom; clean off sink; wipe down walls; clean off mirrors.

I did have help with the sweeping and mopping between Mark and Amanda. And Amanda's daughter did the bathroom stuff for a dollar. She's 8 and loves to earn money. I pay her to magic eraser the walls sometimes! I am about halfway done with my list, but some of the stuff will go really quick, like stack shoes on shoe shelf. I love when my house is clean, and all these little jobs have been depressing me. These are all things that I do regularly and would have done in the next week or two anyway, but now I have motivation to get them done sooner.

Now if only I could keep them clean...


Stephanie said...

Great job! Yay for getting so much stuff done!

Rachel H. said...

How fun to have visitors come! That should be exciting--maybe you and Mark can get a night out on the town!

And PUH-LEASE introduce me to your friends...or tell me how to make friends like you have. ALWAYS so helpful and considerate! :)I am in awe!

Annette said...

I love a CLEAN house! I feel so peaceful and happy when my house is clean. What a great friend!

Michelle said...

I am REALLY lucky in my friends. I think the Lord knows how much I deal with between kids, my own issues, and Mark's work schedule, and has blessed me with an amazing friend everywhere I have moved. Someone that I can call anytime, and vice versa. I think part of it is that I will talk to anyone, seriously. And when you know so many people because you talk to them, you're bound to find at least one good friend in the bunch... :-)