Sunday, June 1, 2008

A little chunk of heaven

As Steph has mentioned, we all gathered together for Samuel's baptism. I missed everyone's since Morgan, whose I don't remember. So I was determined to make this one. Luckily, Mark didn't have to work this weekend.

We ended up being late, and snuck in the back just before Samuel's turn in the water. We would have been on time, but I discovered as we were walking out the door that my diaper bag was missing. Mark had hidden it from the children and couldn't remember where he had put it! I frantically searched for several minutes, and then gave up and threw some diapers and wipes in a tote bag I had lying around, and ran out the door. I think Mark went 90 down the deserted road to get to the freeway, and at one point said he hit 100. In a minivan... I was not happy. He was in heaven.

Afterwards we all went back to Mom's house for lunch. Grandma and Grandpa Danes joined us, which was nice, I like chatting with them and we really don't get to see them very often. Mom did the yummiest barbeque pork, on Steph's homemade buns. Green Salad, Fruit Salad, Potato Salad.... I had put together some pretty good Red Velvet Cupcakes, for pictures and the recipe click here. I took 2 dozen cupcakes, and I brought home 4. And Oren ate one of those on the way home, since he didn't get one after dinner.

We left pretty late and so got home really late. The kids were nice and tired, Nathan and William slept the whole way home, and Oren sat very tiredly and quiet. It was a nice afternoon, and we sure enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Janelle also talked her boyfriend Lloyd into coming, so it was nice to meet him as well. He seems like a really nice guy, and she is very happy. YAY!


Farrell Family said...

I can't believe Samuel's old enough to be baptized. I haven't seen most of the younger cousins since they were babies so I have no concept of how old anyone in your family is. Last time I saw him he was a baby. Wow. Anyway, glad you guys could go. It really is nice to live close enough to family to see them often and go to all the important events.

Grandma Danes said...

Everything tasted just as good as Michelle and Stephanie said it did. Michelle you always come up with great food and it is a joy to get to eat some of it.

Rachel H. said...

What a fun time to get together! I am with Sarah in having no idea how old people are--and I didn't even KNOW you had a sister names do, right?? I think I read that somewhere and was SHOCKED! Wish we had all been closer and I had ANY idea about what was going on in life! :)

One more reason I am grateful for blogging...

Stephanie said...

Glad I got to see you guys, and yes, your cupcakes were really good, despite the disappointing texture of the frosting. It tasted good anyway, as was evidenced by the knife I was licking. :-)

Rachel, that's so funny you didn't even know we had a sister named Rheanna! She's ten now.