Saturday, June 14, 2008

I love the weekend!

We had a whirlwind of a day yesterday. I had an appointment in Meridian in the afternoon, so decided to go really early and run some errands. Boise has so many more stores than here in town that it isn't funny! So I got the kids up and ready and headed off. First stop was Michaels, a crafting store, where I drooled over some cake decorating stuff. I found the perfect unfinished shelf for my entry. It has wooden pegs for my purse and Mark's hat... I am not sure what color I will paint it, but I am very excited!

We headed over to DI, where I found a swimsuit for Nathan for $1.00. He has one, but ripped a huge hole in it. And let's face it... am I really going to get it fixed? Probably not. Some school pants for Oren for the fall, and a way cute shirt for me.

We had some stuff of Mom's from when they were here last weekend, so we ran over to Caldwell. We got there just as they were eating lunch, so Mom fed us, which was so sweet of her. We did an eat-and-run, because I was running a little behind, and made a mad dash for my appointment. I was coming from a different direction than last time and missed my street and had to backtrack. Luckily I was only 2 minutes late. They are pleased with how well the meds are working so far, but are still going to build the dose a little higher. That's fine with me.

Mark asked me out on a date earlier this week. Tops in Blue was performing on base and would I go see it with him? Oh yeah! We scouted around for a sitter, because my friend is out of town, and found a young man who is perfect! He is the oldest of 9 kids, and pretty mature for 16. He loves to babysit, and brings little kits to entertain the kids. He cleaned up the living room and cleared the table after dinner. After the busy day I had, I didn't want to cook, so now he thinks we are the coolest people ever because we left a check for the pizza guy that was bringing the food! :-)

The concert was really neat. These are the BEST musicians Air Force wide. They try out and only the best are selected. They tour for 2 years and then another group is selected. They dance and sing, with backup musicians. They were really good. They had a "Tina Turner", "Cher"... the theme was classic songs like "The rythym is going to get you", "Footloose", some Boys to Men, a couple of latino pop, Beauty and the Beast. A bunch of others, I don't remember what all there was. Super fast costume changes, lights and smoke, a battle of the drums! I want to go see what they do next year!

We weren't quite ready to go home, so we drove into town and went to TCBY, for some Italian sodas and a white chocolate mousse sundae. Yumm. We grabbed a couple things at Walmart and went back home. Mark took the sitter home while I whipped up a baby towel for a baby shower for today. Blue, with brown and blue ribbon. It was a pretty late night, but lots of fun.

I had to get up early today to decorate the cake for the shower. I will be posting that on my cake blog later. Death by Chocolate. Or as Steph calls it, "the best darn cake in the world". Chocolate fudge cake, with chocolate pudding mix, chocolate chips, and sour cream. Oooooo. I know.... I am going to throw some clothes on and run over to the shower. I think I will need a nap later!


Stephanie said...

It really is a good cake - I got the recipe from a roommate.

Sounds like you had a busy-in-a-good-way kind of day. Glad the medication is working for you. And I'm glad you were able to find a good sitter - I'm so nervous for the day when we won't live by Mom and Dad anymore and we'll have to actually hire a sitter to watch the kids!

Farrell Family said...

It sounds like a good day. The concert sounds really fun. That's so neat that they have stuff like that there for you. And HOORAY for good babysitters. How nice to find someone that you can trust who is great with your kids.

Rachel H. said...

What a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed it and had all sorts of gushing over all the wonderful things you do!

You are so talented!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

What a fun and busy day! We have to do the sitter thing all the time now, since all the other kids are gone except Jordan, who isn't here much. Loved the pictures of the cake you made.