Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Because we did a massive, combined anniversary, birthday, mother's and father's days night in Boise, I was off the hook as far as a present goes this year. Mark took the boys to church while I stayed home with William, who wasn't feeling well the last couple of days. They all came home intact, so I am guessing it went okay... :-)

He has a new counselor in the elder's quorum, so they got together for a meeting. I decided it would be easier for them to work if the kids weren't bouncing on them and sent us all outside. The weather today was gorgeous, a little breeze, nice warm sun. The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing, especially since Mommy was there to watch them all be silly. Just when we were all done being outside, they finished their meeting and we were allowed back in. I guess they got lots done, they said it was very productive. He is really doing a good job, stepping up and being in charge. When we were doing scouts, he was the cubmaster and I was a denleader. I usually ended up running everything, he just got up and welcomed people to pack meeting. I did everything else. But here I can't do that at all for him. He is on his own, and I am pleased to report that he is doing wonderfully, despite lots of self-doubt on his part.

I like to do special meals on special days, and Father's day is a pretty good day. And I was actually in the mood to cook something yummy. So I did up some barbeque beef ribs, garlicky mashed potatoes, and a delicious Apple Upside-Down Bisuit Cake. All went over really well, and all are now posted on my recipe site. I highly recommend the cake, it's like cake, caramelly monkey bread, and apple pie all together. The potatoes weren't too shabby either. The boys were thrilled to get dessert, it's a rarity here because it requires prepping ahead of time. And Mark enjoyed having a real homecooked meal that did not involve a box or can at all. Hurray for me!

And we are now trying something new at bedtime. This is day one... The boys have a tendency to play at bedtime, so we sent Nathan to bed after our song and prayer. Oren will get to stay up (the priviledges of being the oldest, hee hee) for 20-30 minutes more. So he goes to bed in a little bit, hopefully Nathan will already be asleep and the house being quiet will make Oren more sleepy. I am crossing my fingers, because I am getting tired of yelling "GET ON YOUR BEDS NOW!!!!!" through the wall every night. I guess we'll see how it goes for the next few days, until they get used to it.


Rachel H. said...

Consider my fingers crossed! Can't wait for an update!!!

Glad you had a good day--it IS fun to do a nice dinner and celebrate..we love that!

Stephanie said...

I hope that works for you. I have the kids going to bed at separate times now, and it works pretty well for us. I'll have to switch it up someday so that Zaylee is the one staying up while Thomas goes to bed earlier, but how we're doing it works for now!

Isn't it neat to see our husbands fulfilling callings and duties without having us step in and help? I sometimes get so used to nudging my way in on things Jeff is doing (especially in the kitchen - I always take over!) but I think that men can surprise us with what they're capable of when given the chance. Especially in callings when they have the Lord's help.

Anyway, I'm gonna head over to your food blog and check out your recipes!

CissaLynn said...

Hi there! It sounds like you guys had a real nice weekend! You sound good, too!!! :))
You will have to keep us posted on the bedtime routine! I also struggle on some days getting the kids to bed. The summer is worse due to the sun staying bright for longer. They think it isn't bedtime till the sun goes down!

I need to go check out your food blog and cake blog and oh, Steph's food blog, too! I have been gone toooooo long! :)

Have a good week! I should be updating my blog very soon!!! :)