Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tagged by Steph!

1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.

2. If you don’t have 18 names answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.

3. Tag 5 people.

When did you first meet the first person on your list? I met Abby as a baby at Aunt Annette's house. I don't actually remember the first time I saw her, but I know she was a cutie! I do remember helping Adam and Caleb paint her room when I came to stay for a bit before Mike and Annette took me up to college.

What do you like about the third person on your list's blog? I love the fact that Calista, Steph, and I are all working on weight loss together. She is great about leaving encouraging comments on my weight loss posts, especially if I have fallen off the diet again.

What do you like best about the fifth and sixth people on your list? Well, Grandma is Grandma. I love that we live so close, and that she is able to come visit the base occasionally. I like hearing her tell stories about Dad, and I love the quilt she made me. Ashley seems like such a sweetheart. I've only met her once, and the reunion at Mom and Dad's, and only talked to her a little bit, but I admire her ability to stay strong when Joseph was injured, and I like how she is able to handle so many different business things and still keep her sanity.

How long have you known the ninth person on your list? I remember her from the reunion in Florida, a little, I was young and she was even younger. That's the great thing about cousins, you literally know them almost their whole life!

What impresses you about the eleventh and twelfth people on your list? I admire Aunt Annette for finishing school later in life. That took guts and hard work. Also for knowing when to step back from all the stress and take care of herself. And Mom and Dad? Where do I start? Mom taught me everything I know about being a mom. She put up with me when I was a hyper little talkie. And Dad has done a great job providing for the family all these years, working more than one job sometimes to give us the things we needed.

What is a memory you have with the sixteenth person on your list? Well, seeing as how she is only 2 years younger than me, almost every memory I have growing up includes her. On of my favorites is a piano duet we did in high school for a ward talent show. We dressed up kind of mime style, and started off playing each others parts. We made a big show of messing up several times, then we switched parts by switching hands. That didn't work, so we got up and switched places. We then finished the song. It was so much fun practicing, and I am so glad we have always been close.

Say something nice about the eighteenth person on your list. I don't have eighteen on my list, so I'll say something nice about Mark and my friends Kevin and Reighlynn. Kevin has been Mark's best friend since almost Sunbeams. They grew up together and crashed cars together.... When we started dating, Kevin was always so nice to me. He never treated me like the girl monopolizing his best friend. And we always double dated, even if Kevin didn't usually bring a date. Does that mean I dated both boys? :-) And it may have taken him a while, but he found the sweetest wife in the world, whom I officially met for the first time at their high school reunion over the summer, but get along famously with! I always appreciated being able to get along so well with the important people in Mark's life.

I tag anyone that's left by the end of this!


Rachel H. said...

I think this is one of my favorite tags going around...I love reading about other people and how they know each other...each person notices different things about each other and I think that's GREAT!

Stephanie said...

I loved that mime piano act we did! It was so hilarious to practice it, and then perform it for the youth. Remember when everyone was all amazed and surprised - "Oh my gosh, they crossed hands!" Good times!