Friday, May 9, 2008

Sheets Please! (and hold the tomato sauce)

That's all I'm waiting for... my sheets to come out of the dryer.

Mark and I got a lot done today. He did the boys' bathroom top to bottom, William's room, and half of Oren and Nathan's room. I took the same amount of time and got our room done. Does that say how bad my room was? Of course, I kept taking time out to change out laundry, I got 4 loads washed and dried. It amazes me where kids can stick clothes. I did find all their underwear! It was time to wash our sheets, so they were the last load in the washer.

We tackled the boys' room together, it's a 4 person job. We organized all the books and legos, train pieces, threw out all the puzzles since they are all missing pieces and the kids never put them together anyway. All the bedrooms got a thorough vaccumming and dusting too. Whew, it feels good.

Of course, having done so much hard work not in my kitchen, that room was horrid. I had no wish to be creative in there, and I wanted pizza. Mark wanted to look at sprinklers, and so we packed up the kids and headed to town. Can we say Pizza Hut? Yes! The camera is in the car, and I don't have the energy to get up and get it. I'll post those later. We enjoyed our breadsticks, and even got a cute picture of William not being to sure about the tomato sauce on his. By the time we left there is was 9:30, but we risked Walmart anyway.

That was fun... The boys were extremely tired, as were we. We didn't make it back home until almost 11:00. Ouch! Hopefully they will sleep in tomorrow morning.

And of course, when we got home and I could have crawled right into bed, what did I discover? I never switched my sheets over! So now we have to wait until they are dry and make the bed before we can collapse in it. Go figure...


Rachel H. said...

what a nice feeling to get things clean!! I am working on that today--if I ever get up and going and can kick myself in the head because it's pounding already! :) Hopefully I am even HALF as successful as you were!!

aND wow to you for risking it and heading to Walmart that late at night!! WOW!!

--and the fact you didn't change your sheets made me laugh...totally something I would have done! :)

Michelle said...

I would have changed sheets, but Mark used the extra set's top on William's bed when he threw up at 2 am last week and he couldn't find crib sheets. So I would have to find it in all the laundry I just washed. Plus, that set is 150 count, and the ones I usually use are 350. Big difference, let me tell ya! So I hold out for the good ones... :-) And let me say, I very much enjoyed my sleep in me nice clean bed. Mark even got up with William and I rolled over and went back to sleep this morning, which I haven't gotten to do in 6 months! Thank you sweetie!

Stephanie said...

I look forward to your pictures, the one of William sounds very cute!

CissaLynn said...

Hi there! I am jealous 'cause my house looks like a tornado ran right thru it!!!!!! lololol!!!! :)) Seriously, tho, that is so great to have your house all clean! That is the best feeling!!! And, I agree w/Rachel, your sheet story was funny!!!! :) It made me laugh, too!!!
Oh, I have to tell you how cute your flower pencils were!!!! I am def. gonna have to make some of those for my kids' teachers! Very cute!!!
Have a very Happy Mothers Day!!!!
Love, Cissa!!!

Stephanie said...

This comment has nothing to do with this particular post, but I know you'll forgive me 'cuz you love me so much.

I think you should do a blog specifically for your cakes. You could post pictures of each special cake you make so everyone could see! I was blog surfing and came across several cake blogs, and thought, Michelle should do something like this too! Just a thought. :)

Kathy said...

Loved your blog entry - So awesome that Mark helped you with so much for the cleaning. What a guy! I can't tell you how many times I've taken sheets off, go up to go to bed - dead tired, sheets on the bed yet.