Monday, May 5, 2008

Piles of Laundry

Aside from actually getting Oren to school on time, the only thing I can boast about having accomplished is folding several batches of laundry. I got about 5 batches done, and still have several more to go, but the ones I got done were even put away in drawers. Miracle of miracles! It astounds me how many clothes 3 little boys can go through. I wish I had found all their underwear, but no such luck. I'll be scrounging around again tomorrow for some for them to wear. Isn't that sad?

I know today was Cinco de Mayo, and I really did intend to cook some amazing hispanic yummy stuff. Honestly! What did we end up having? Frozen ravioli in jarred spaghetti sauce. How inspiring. In order to cook something other than that we would have had to have clean dishes, and that just didn't happen. It's a good thing I recently bought paper bowls, because that's what we used along with plastic forks, which I will wash and reuse. At least I ventured to the store today to get milk, so the kids could eat cereal tomorrow without using powdered milk. (not their favorite)

My living room did end up getting semi-picked up and I drug the vaccum out, so that I could put laundry piles on the floor. I am trying not to think of the thousand of other things that need done, and would love to stop jumping in panic each time a neighbor kid rings the bell for Oren, thinking it's a friend that wants to come in and would then call the Center for Disease Control on me or something. Not that they would, or that it is as bad as that, but right now the backyard looks cleaner than my house.

On the plus side, we are all feeling better!


CissaLynn said...

Hi girl!! I am behind on checking my blogs!!!! How are you?! It sounds like things have been busy, but fun! The hotel looks and sounds wonderful!!!! Oren's play looked sooo cute!!! And.....I can totaly identify w/the laundry situation!!!!! We are soooo behind, as well, and it seems like you can't catch up once you get behind!!! My boys change clothes (this spring weather) twice a day. First pants, later in the day they put on shorts, and by evening it is chilly again and back to pants. If I'm not watching every second, it is a new pair of pants in the evening and not the ones from earlier - which then makes for even more laundry!!!!
Hang in there! We'll get it done.....or, at least, take it day by day! :)

Stephanie said...

I can very much relate to the nervous panic at the ring of the doorbell. Not that people visit us here much, but sometimes I look around and think, 'Boy, I hope no one chooses now to come over unannounced!'

Glad you're starting to feel better, and way congratulations on getting the laundry done!

Rachel H. said...

And isn't that nobody EVER comes when you house is clean?!?! :) Seroiusly, this is my life!

Glad you are all feeling better. I totally can relate to your lack of cooking inspiration and no-dishes kind of meals...we have had them...frequently!

Karen said...

Ha Ha! I love your comments about your house! I remember when I had 5 little kids I used to send them out the door to school and then stand by the door and look at what people would see if they came to my door. I would quickly pick up the visable affending "stuff". I called this M&M My Minimum Maintanance!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

I can totally relate to your feelings about your house - the sad thing is that when we get it all cleaned up, it never stays that way - why is that?