Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can I live here?

The suite at Anniversay Inn was beautiful! I am so glad we went, and I would love this to be a yearly tradition. It's a bit pricey, but it was so nice. There is a tub for two in every room, complimentary cheesecake in the fridge, sparkling cider chilled on ice waiting for us, and the tv was set to a relaxing music channel. Lights were beautifully dimmed, and best of all... there were no children!

I asked Mark if I could put mosquito netting over our bed at home and he said "Sure. If you could guaruntee the kids wouldn't pull it down in 2 minutes." Okay, I guess I'll wait a few years. First I have to train them to stay out of my room!

The tub was right in the room with us. Half the floor was stone, and then closer to the door and the bed it was animal stripe carpet. The tub was huge. One like this will be a must when we have our own home, for sure. I took 3 baths in this thing. Just laid there in 100 gallons of deliciously warm water, with the jets going. Ahhhh. No kids coming in to ask questions, or splash the water all over, or climb in head first.

This was actually the shower. He sat above and to the side of the tub, and the shower head came out of his head on the left.

Being the Jungle Safari room, there were little swinging critters all over the place.

Our own little waterfall. There was a switch to turn it off so we could sleep. But we had it going during our massages. Wonderful! I want one of these in my backyard!

I guess this guy thinks someone will make off with our cider. He was a little scary, quite realistic. And I have seen these guys up close!

This was a wonderfully relaxing weekend. They gave us a deep tissue massage. Did you know those hurt? Ouch! It felt great when they were done though. Mark never did guess what his suprise was. He did say massage at one point, but I had told him it was for both of us and so after he said massage he said it couldn't be because it was for both of us and how would a massage be for both? He didn't know they would send two masseusses! Ha ha! They adjusted my hips for me, they get out of place very easily, then I end up slightly tilted and one leg is longer than the other! That kind of hurts my back. But to adjust them, they had me lay on my back and then pulled on my ankles a little. They recommended I see a chiropractor. We'll see.

We went to some yummy places for dinner and lunch. Dinner was a seafood and steakhouse. The food was beautifully plated and the fish fresh. The menu is printed each day according to what is available. But I still wasn't feeling well, and didn't hardly touch my food. It was all too creamy for me. I want to go back when I am actually hungry, because what I ate tasted wonderful, I just couldn't eat it. That was pretty much the same with lunch the next day. Only then Mark was doing the same thing. We went to an italian place I had seen a couple of times but never gone into. They pour the olive oil onto a plate for dipping the bread into and grind fresh pepper onto it. They have real italian sodas they make there. Again, the food tasted amazing! I just got full after a dozen bites and had to box most of my pasta and Mark brought more than half his small pizza home. It didn't go to waste though, my family dug in pretty quickly. It was delicious, but we had almost no appetite. Another date, perhaps.

It was wonderful to have this time with Mark. I think we really needed it. And Marie enjoyed the wad of 20's I handed her... So my house is still a wreck, my kids are still nuts, my schedule insane, but I feel a little better about tackling it all. A little more refreshed. And very much in love with the sweet man that let me spend this much money on one date!


Rachel H. said...

When we lived in Idaho Brandon and I would go to a theme suite 2 times a year--and stay during a weekday (usually doing a holiday from school) and so it was WAY cheaper. We LOVED it and have stayed in tons of different rooms. They are always so much fun!! And i love the inspiration for a fun room we MIGHT have someday! :) I think it would be totally cool to have a theme room of sorts. :)

But the jetted tub, a MUST!

Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, aside from your tummy troubles!

Joseph & Ashley Danes said...

Glad you guys had an enjoyable night away. Sorry you didn't have an appetite for food. That is always a bummer when you go out to eat but don't feel well enough to eat it. Hopefully, you start feeling 100% back to your normal self soon!

Calista said...

Steve and I have stayed at the Anniversary Inn twice and really enjoyed the relaxing decadence that it offers! And it's so much fun to have the themed rooms :) I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy your weekend away by yourselves!

Stephanie said...

Wow. Jeff and I have never been to a hotel or even a motel or anything like that together. We didn't even have a honeymoon. That's something we'll have to do once we can afford it. I'm glad you had such a nice date. It was nice to see you on Saturday evening, and share your pasta!

Melinda said...

We went to one for our honeymoon, but I would so love to go again! I'm glad you relished your totally jealous right now!

Karen said...

Sounds wonderful...we have stayed at Anniversary Inn 2 times, and like the others, I totally enjoyed the splurge.

McD Fam said...

Anniversary Inn is the greatest place to go. Josh and I went on our wedding night, and I loved the monster bath and jets. We've meant to do it again, but there aren't any around here....hmmm.

Farrell Family said...

We stayed at a themed hotel once last summer and loved it. It was also a jungle them...kind of fun. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it...the big jetted tubs are definitely my favorite part. The massages sound great too.