Monday, April 14, 2008

Steph's ABC Tag

I am doing Steph's tag thing, it looked fun!

A- Attached or Single? Very much attached! June 15th is 7 years!

B- Best Friend? My husband, my sisters, and my friend Amanda who lives 3 doors down.

C- Cake or Pie? Cake! Unless it is pumpkin pie, or german apple pie.

D- Day of Choice? Friday. Saturday is too long, but Friday is the sense that I made it through the week.

E- Essential Item? Cell phone. It has an alarm clock feature that I don't have to reset everyday. So it goes off to wake me up (my alarm clock is stupid and doesn't work), tells me to go pick up Oren, take Nathan to the bus, and pick Nathan up. So I can't be late!

F- Favorite Color? Green. Olive green.

G-Gummy Bears or Worms? The worms are easier to eat and come in a sour flavor with sugar crystals. I rarely eat them though, they hurt my teeth.

H- Hometown? Don't have one. Panama City, Florida. Or Del City, Oklahoma. Maybe Misawa Japan? I just say I am from the Boise Area, because all my family is there and that's where I was born. I feel most at home here.

I- Favorite Indulgence? Chocolate chip cookies. Warm out of the oven. French bread with homemade jam. Homegrown tomatoes with salt and pepper.

J- January or July? July! School's out, sprinklers are on, and snow cones abound!

K- Kids? 3....all boys....all cute.

L- Life isn't complete without? Hot showers! Hugs from my sweetheart, "I'll always be your baby" conversations with my ever growing oldest child.

M- Marriage date? June 15, 2001

N- Number of brothers and sisters? 7. 4 sisters, 3 brothers, all younger.

O- Oranges or Apples? Apples. Tart braeburns or granny smiths with generous amounts of peanut butter.

P- Phobias and Fears? I used to be terrified of large dogs, but my friend Amanda has 2 that I have gotten used to. Now I think huge ones are beautiful. Poking my hand into somewhere dark and small and getting bit my a spider. Same with putting my shoe on. My biggest fear is that the next time I am pregnant the doctors won't be as diligent and miss something going wrong, like we almost did last time.

R- Reason to smile? It's sunny today!

S- Season of choice? Fall. I love the springtime when it gets warmer, but the colors of fall are beautiful. And the cool is so welcome after the sweltering heat of summer.

T- Tag five people? Nah...

U- Unknown fact about me? I talk to myself in the shower. All the time. Mark caught me once a few months ago. He has been married to me for quite some time and never knew that I did that. He found it funny.

V- Vegetable? Tomatoes! Salt and pepper, mayonaise, vinegar, cooked, raw... So many ways to eat them!

W- Worst Habit? I pick scabs... and I have a hard time with interrupting people.

X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound! I know what I am looking at by now.

Y- Your favorite food? Just one favorite? Can't, too many. Chicken enchiladas, homemade pizza, french bread sandwhiches, Reeses' peanut butter cups, anything with Alfredo Sauce!

Z- Zodiac Sign? Saggitarious

Anyone else want to do it?

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Stephanie said...

That was fun! Sometimes I talk to myself in the shower too, but usually not out loud. I think I've had some of my deepest and most profound thoughts while taking a shower.