Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy x3

Nobody thought to sit me down and explain how much more crazy life gets with each additional child. Think about it. Each child has prenatal, then well-baby checks, dentist, eye doctor, and sometimes additional appointments as well. Throw them all together and put them all due around the same time, and you have busy times 3!

Oren, Nathan, and I are all due for our dental exam. Oren and I need to do our yearly eye check up. And William is due a well-baby. All at the same time! I made many phone calls, pen in hand and calendar at the ready, and whew! That was tricky. Between dropoff and pickup times for the boys, who have school at opposite times of the day, and Nathan's therapy appointments that we try to keep set in stone for my poor brain's benefit, trying to find time to get to everyone without missing a whole lot of school or making extra trips to town was insane! I think we did an okay job. Today I picked Oren up from school, and took he and Nathan straight to town for Nathan's rescheduled therapy session at noon. Daddy had William at home. Therapy ran long, leaving me just enough time to run to the dentist for Oren's cleaning. I still have to go get WIC today, and get cash for my Boise trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will be taking Oren to school and then hitching a ride to Boise with a friend to go to Costco and stock up on meats. Our freezers are a little bare, and she was going up anyway, so I am tagging along. Mark volunteered to be on transport duty, meaning he will be picking up Oren, making sure Nathan gets fed, and then to the bus stop, as well as picking Nathan up from the bus after school. What a brave guy! I have the schedule down pat, and know exactly how long it takes to do each thing, so everything pretty much runs smoothly at this point. I'll be nice and write everything down for my poor hubby however, it's a lot to remember.

Then Thursday, Mark has to pick Oren up from school as Nathan has more therapy and then Nathan and I have our dental appointments. I won't get back from that in time to get Oren, thanks to the base redoing the main gate and making us do a nice little detour to a back gate, adding at least 10 minutes to my trip each way! At least William's well-baby isn't until next week!

I really don't like doing more than one crazy day a week, because then I am cranky by Friday, and I don't hardly get to see Mark. But, at least we are getting the dental stuff over with for 6 months, and my freezer will be stocked so I don't have to pay exhorbitant prices on meats last minute, and dinner ideas will flow easier having more than chicken breasts to work with... Thank heavens for a sweet, helpful husband... today he swept the floor and started straightening the kitchen for me while I was gone! What a wonderful suprise!


Stephanie said...

Wow, that really is a busy day! Our family is at the point where we aren't really busy, ever. Besides Jeff's classes, we don't really have anything that we do on a daily, or even regular basis, besides Church on Sundays and laundry day at Mom and Dad's. I guess I should appreciate the simplicity in which I live, because as the kids get older, life will inevitably get more and more hectic! I'm glad you have a great husband who will help out with the kids and the house, and not leave absolutely everything to you! :)

Melinda said...

Sounds like a busy week for sure! It'll be a lot to get through, but wonderful husbands sure are a blessing and it's great that Mark is one of those. Survive until Friday and then treat yourself (or the family) somehow.

CissaLynn said...

I feel your pain! lol!!! :) Our appts. always seem to end up all in the same week, too! Thank goodness for husbands who help! My kids were supposed to have their dentist appt. last month and we never made it, so we have that added to this month's list now! lol!!! I also have been babysitting this week, so it is CRAZY!!! Fun, but crazy! :)) Hang in there, girl!

Thanks for the info. on pyzam! I can't wait to try it out!!!! I feel like I have a whole new world of friends!!!! I'm so excited!!!! :)