Monday, March 17, 2008

Isn't it sad?

This is Chloe. She's a bit stained from rolling in the mud on her feet and belly. Her face is stained brown because of an issue with overtearing, because the hair hasn't been groomed and is irritating her eyes. But when she is properly groomed and her hair all grows out, and the stain cut off, she is going to be a pretty little dog. The side shot is what the bigger dogs did. They would roughhouse and nip at her sides, and pulled the hair out. Isn't it a little sad? She looked so bad I just had to take her home and give her some love. She loves attention and would spend every moment by my feet if she could. But we won't be keeping her. I know I was supposed to bring her home, but I don't feel like we are her permanent family. She is a little older to get used to my very rambunctios kids jumping around the house and yelling. And Mark is really not happy. Not a pet person. He doesn't mind the cat, but she is calm and cute and doesn't smell. Chloe is ugly right now and smells like outside. I think I may have found a good home for her, a family in the ward with older children and a 10 year old lab/chow mix who is very used to kids and is very calm. And they have been looking at getting a small dog for a while now, and she likes shih tzus. So I am crossing my fingers, because they would be perfect for her, based on what I have seen this weekend. As much as I would love to keep her, I had told Mark this would be temporary, a trial period, and I don't think we are the perfect family for her. "Sniff" But this has been a fun weekend, and I have learned a lot. If they can take her it won't be for another week yet probably, so I can still play with her for a while.


Jackie said...

Hello, You don't know me but I am Steph's Sis in law on Basker side. I am a dog groomer and just wanted to comment. Believe it or not this aint the worse I have seen. On my blog I have some pictures of grooms I have done. Today I spent 2 1/2 hrs dematted a little Maltese and thank goodness he was a little angel. You are doing a great job in taking care of her and getting her away from that negative enviroment. Update us soon!

Michelle said...

Nice to meet you Jackie! What's sad is this is my girl after I gave her a bath... She'll clean up pretty though, and I think I have found a great family for her. She's a sweet little thing and seems to like being groomed.