Saturday, March 8, 2008

I love technology!

I am soooooo happy! When I got our new phone, I was psyched about having a camera on it. But the hoops I had to jump through to get the pictures off the darn thing were ridiculous. So I went online to try and find the software for the phone to download to my computer, because I can connect the phone to my pc via a usb cable, but I didn't have the software drivers. I was able to get a digital download for $4 off ebay, totally legitimate and legal thankfully, and so now I have the drivers on disc for future use and the software on my computer. YAY! Okay, so this may still seem like a lot to go through just for some pictures, but I always have my phone on me even if I don't bring the actual camera on outings. So now I don't have to pay a text fee every time I want a pic off my phone, so the software will pay for itself quickly.

I also have discovered a new way to pass an hour on a Saturday evening. Bowling! We wanted to take advantage of Mark having the weekend off and decided to have a family evening. We ran some errands, and chose to let the good folks at Burger King feed us as a special treat. We weren't quite ready to go home, so we popped by the base bowling alley. The kids were very excited, they had never gone bowling before. Pardon the pics, they are from the phone...
Nathan enjoys his kid's meal monster truck while awaiting his turn.

William decided he hadn't had enough dinner and that leather should taste pretty good.

Oren had a really good time experimenting with different ways to plop the ball down the lane.

Mark whooped us all, actually scoring over 100. The next highest was 60 something, which isn't too bad for me. Nathan got a whopping 22 and Oren was the proud scorer of 38. Maybe not the best scores, but together we got over 200!

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun! Tell the boys congratulations from me for doing so well at bowling!