Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I love our new therapist!

Nathan got to go work with his new therapist, Miss Gayle, today for the first time. The other was just a screening, this was the real work. He did so good she worked him for almost 20 extra minutes! She said he was a pleasure to work with and cooperated better than some adults she's done. I get that alot with him. And I saw his doctor in the store today and chatted with her some, she has to see us a lot because of Oren's followups and stuff for ADHD, Nathan and his therapy, and William's previously constant weight checks because of his size. I mentioned what the therapist had said about going down to Salt Lake sometime for further evals, and she said she wouldn't have a problem with that. So when the therapist decides its time, I know the doctor will be on board. Great! So Nathan will continue to do two sessions a week, one 45 minutes and one 30 minutes, with Gayle and I am confident that she is who Nathan needs to be working with right now. Maybe she can help us get some answers. Some days, when I have to translate for him a lot, all I want is for my little baby to have the ability to speak normally, to make himself heard without frustration. My close friends are so good with him and his best friend helps to pull him out of his shell, and will sometimes translate to us (which we find hilarious), so I am grateful for what we have. I know the Lord is blessing him with the people he needs right now, and he is blessing me the same. Somehow, I am able to do all that is being asked of me for my kids' sake.

Sorry, I get a little emotional ( I am sitting here crying because he is such a special boy, and I hurt that it is hard for him, and I think it's about that time of the month...). Some days I just sit and wonder what else He will throw at me, but then I remember that they all walk on their own, they talk, they are intelligent, and they have so much joy for life. And I know I don't have it so bad.

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