Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

This morning I went out to start the car and found that it had rained, then got really cold, freezing my doors shut! Brrr!

Much to my suprise, when I went out in the evening to run dinner to my Visiting Teaching partner (she just had a baby, I love babies!), I didn't need a jacket! It was warm and sunny! The promise of nice weather for spring break makes me glad, I want to kick the kids out into the backyard, and open my house to the sunshine. I want to clean! (I know, sounds strange...) My house really needs it. Mark has been home today and it was nice to have another adult in the house. Hopefully he will have this weekend off, I could really use him home. We have missed him.

Mark just asked William if he was ready to go "night-night", and William said, in a rather doleful voice, "Noooo." Sorry, that was just cute! He is starting to say some words, and I am glad to hear them. I don't want another one in therapy!

There is something growing in my tomato pot, I never got the dead tomatoes out of there last fall. It looks like a seed flew there from one of my other flowers, not sure which one. So I will let it grow awhile, and then transplant it elsewhere so I can use the pot for tomatoes again. I love springtime!


The Holloways said...

HOORAH, HOORAH! Don't you love a fun spring day? I am seeing many more in our future!

Farrell Family said...

Hooray for spring! I love this time of year. Everyone just seems so much happier.