Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day In Our House...

It is so fun seeing you guys' days that I thought I would give it a shot today. This isn't my typical day, normally I don't drag the camera everywhere and it is usually busier than this but here goes...

7:20 saw our household starting to wake up. I got up around 7:00, got dressed, and went in to talk the boys into beginning the day. William was a cheerful waker, as usual, but the boys needed a little more convincing to get up.
8:19, we are coming home from dropping off Oren. Nathan is tired, William is contentedly sitting in his seat. Mark is sleeping behind the doorknob, he got home at 6:30 in the morning today. Normally we would be going to the gym or to assorted doctor's appointments, or running errands down in town, but this morning I have chosen to relax. Plus, we just bought a car, so I don't need to spend any more money this week... :-)

9:27 - Nathan and William are enjoying just being at home, eating a snack of little cinnamon rolls, and watching a movie. I decided that it would be a good idea to learn more about the car we just bought, since the salesguy didn't know all of the little features our model came with. Turns out we made a great buy, had a terrific price, and all the review said it was a great value for the money. Well, that's nice to know, since we will be stuck with it for several years now. I am glad we chose this one. And, if you didn't already guess, this is the same doorknob, and yes, Mark is still asleep.

10:15 - This clock is all that remains of my wedding bouquet. The movie being over, Nathan and William wandered into Nathan's room to trash...erm... I mean, play in it. Nathan said he was making a bed for his Care Bear. William thought it would be fun to help clean up some blocks, but became a bit overwhelmed at the number of toys on the floor. I dashed out to the car to put the insurance cards I had just printed out into the glovebox, just in case.

11:13 - The snooze went off on my phone alarm. Go get Oren! The parking lot isn't very full, most of the morning kindergarten go to daycare afterwards. Oren was trying to buckle while still holding his ice cream cup, a special treat from the principal today. Nathan was fine being back in the car, but William tried protesting. He screamed most of the 5 minute drive back home. Before we could leave the school however, I tried backing up and discovered that it only works when the keys are in the ignition and the car is turned on! Imagine that. And on the short drive home, I itched the side of my mouth and noticed this little red bump to the side of my lip. A cold sore coming? Great.....

12:18 - Lunchtime! I opted for a very fancy peanut butter and homemade apricot jam sandwhich, cut into petite triangles, accompianed by Ranch Pringles and, for liquid refreshment, fresh water... Ahh, the simple things in life. After this, William was ready for his traditional afternoon siesta in his comfortably appointed crib, with fresh sheets of course. Thank you Mommy!

1:17 - This chair can be pretty comfortable, but I have been sitting in it almost all morning, and going into the afternoon trying to figure out how to group all these pictures together in a format that will save as one uploadable file. Not exactly easy, but obviously I figured it out. I decided to get up and stretch a bit, since it was time to take more pictures anyway, and thought I would take one of my view past the backyard. All snowy mountains.... William was still napping, Nathan and Oren were having quiet time watching another movie. This is the quietest the house has been pretty much all week.

2:20 - So, I look over at the wall, because I heard a sound that was suspiciously like scissors on hair, and voila! Caught in the act. The first two are his work, the third is mine halfway done, and the last is the final effect. Why, son? And of course, Mark is still asleep....

3:25 - William is awake now, and wants his snack! I am so glad he is cheerful when he wakes up. But then he decided that I didn't give him enough snack, and figured he'd help himself to some more.... Nathan and Oren attempt to clean their room, and Nathan finds a little keychain flashlight that is a little bit of a distraction. Mark is still asleep. I guess he is tired....

4:25 - This passed me by as a friend came over and told me of a sister in the ward whose husband is dying. They have given him only a few weeks left, and all of their animals need new homes, since when he dies she has to sell the house. We are considering taking one of the dogs, a black and white CKC-registered Shih Tzu. This is an outside dog and would be the perfect size and temperament for the kids. Very energetic and playful, but a sturdy little dog too. Not at all yappy. We have told her we will be going to their house this evening to look at the dog, and see how the kids do with her. This is a free-to-good-home dog, and at the very least, we can relieve some of her stress by giving it a good home and if it doesn't work out, we can find it a good family somewhere else. But it is sad that she is losing her husband, and her animals and home all at the same time. I am so grateful for eternal families and temple blessings.

5:29 - Mark is trying to get ready for work, having had his breakfast of cold cereal. If cereal was the only food left in the world, he would be excstatic... The boys discovered plastic bags from my hall closet and the house was complete mayhem, bags flying everwhere, children jumping off of any surface strong enough to hold them, laughing and joyful screaming... What fun!

6:30 - No camera, but I was driving with a friend and all 6 of our combined children to the sister's home to see the dog. We got there, and the poor little girl was filthy! She will be so beautiful when her hair has all grown back out. The two other dogs nipped at her all the time, so she is missing chunks of hair on her sides, and is so matted we will have to shave her to the skin. She was a little scared and unsure. I could see what a beautiful dog she is though, and I felt really good about taking her home.

7:30 - No camera, we got to my friends home intending to bath Chloe since she was so filthy. But when Amanda opened the back door to her car, Chloe went nuts. Snapping, growling, barking. She was terrified. Amanda had opened the door quickly, and the lights in the car went on all of us a sudden. Poor thing was so scared she didn't know what to do. It took me 10 minutes of just standing about 3 feet away from the car talking quietly before I could come close, and another 10 of more quiet talking before she would let me near enough to pet her. She calmed very quickly after that, and soon I was able to get into the back of the car with her. 10 more very cold minutes with a blanket wrapped around me and feeding her some canned dog food with a little robitussin (to help her calm down and get very tired) and voila! I was able to get a collar on her and a leash and carry her back to my house (3 doors down) into the garage where another friend had set up a kennel for me.

8:30-9:30 We let Chloe get used to her new home and explore the kennel and garage. She got a tour of the house and the backyard potty trip was productive. Both friends that were with me are animal enthusiasts and very knowlegable, and said that the dog really, really likes me. Every where I went in the garage, dogproofing, her head followed me. Tail wagging, followed me and came when I called her. All very encouraging, since I was a little nervous not knowing if she would even calm down enough to let us get her out of the care. What I found interesting was that the sister told my friend after I left that she felt very good about me and comfortable with us taking the dog. I am glad I could make this a little easier on her, and we will keep her updated on how Chloe is doing.

11:22 - I have the camera, but am too tired after our very long and somewhat unexpected day. Each day in our house is full of suprises, but I'll bet no one saw this one coming.... The kids are all tucked in bed, 2 1/2 hours after bed time, William didn't get a pacifier for the first time, and they will all sleep in tomorrow. Mark will find out when he wakes up that I did indeed bring the dog home. I warned him that I felt that was what would happen. He didn't forbid it. I am exhausted, the house is quiet. I did get some housework done, and I feel pretty good about my day.

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Stephanie said...

Wow, you've got a dog! I need my hair to grow longer quick so I can come have you trim it, so I can meet her! When she's comfortable enough to let you take a picture, you'll have to post one of her. She sounds sweet.
It was fun to read about your day. I really like this Day of Pictures thing, it's really cool.