Friday, March 28, 2008


Today was just one of those boring kind of days. I got up and got Nathan up, dressed and ready to go to therapy. William woke as we were getting ready to head out the door, so I popped up to the table with some breakfast and woke Mark up to tell him William was up. Oren was still asleep. Therapy went so good she went over his time a little bit, he is very cooperative. I needed milk so off to the store we went, just Nathan and me.

Note, if you just need milk, do not go to a superWalmart. You will buy more than milk, it is a given. But in my defense, I did need veggies and fruit, and cheese, and cereal, and ice cream. Okay, not ice cream but it wound up in the cart anyway. I spent 2 hours at the store with Nathan because, and as a mom I am a little ashamed, I needed a break from Oren. See, he didn't take his meds yesterday, we kind of forgot in the rush to get to therapy that day. Which would explain the mess from my previous post. He is sort of the ringleader. And what is frustrating is that he lies about the mess, that makes me more mad than the things he has gotten into and destroyed. I was able to keep cool pretty well, Steph I am sure would say differently as she was on the phone with me, but that was pretty good for me considering the scale of the catastophe.

And I think the reason Oren is alive today is because I had 3 hours away from him this morning. I love him dearly, but either we need to get stricter with his diet again, or we need to up his meds. I discovered some loose pearls in the washing machine this evening. And half my jewelry box was missing. He was probably pretty scared during questioning, I was pretty mad and yelled fairly loudly I am sure. To avoid harm, I sent him to bed. That wasn't just any strand of pearls he had broken. This was a strand Mark brought home from his tour in the desert when I was pregnant with Nathan, as an anniversary present. These are actual, real, pearls. And aside from my wedding ring, I don't own any nice jewelry. Except those pearls. I don't wear them that often because of my kids, but I treasured them! I did find most of the remaining ones, and maybe someday I will have them restrung.

I know this doesn't sound boring, but the rest of the day really was. Did some dishes, started a couple loads of laundry that got washed and dried, but not folded. Spent lots of time on the internet looking up random stuff. Called a lady about Chloe, she called earlier this week and said to please call her if Chloe was still available by this weekend. She is coming down with her family and other little dog tomorrow to meet Chloe. I feel really good about her, she is the only one that gave me info on her family, job, house, other pets... Chloe would be in good hands with her. I should have been making the house spotless, but I have tomorrow morning for that.

I like a clean house, but right now my living room arrangement is bugging the jeebers out of me. I can't stand it! It just doesn't feel right, like an itch at the base of my skull that makes me cringe and tense my jaw. And there is too much krud on the bookshelves, in drawers... I want to get rid of half my stuff. (I never thought I was a minimalist until I had kids and all the stuff that comes with them)

I realize these are completely random thoughts, but that is how my day has gone. Sort of boring with random interesting or crazy things thrown in. Maybe I am just tired.


The Holloways said...

That is tough! I hope you find a way to get your pearls restrung. What a wonderful gift--I too would have been ticked!!!

Hope today is much better!

Stephanie said...

That's so sad about your pearls. I'm glad it seems like Chloe will go to a good home. I hope it works out.