Thursday, February 21, 2008

My poor kitty!

Well, after months of putting it off, I have finally done it. Jade is scheduled to have her neuter surgery on Monday. We can't stand nights when she is in heat. She howls at the doors all night, wanting out, and crouches at William constantly. He is small and likes to grab at her so she thinks ............. something anyway. Mark has been threatening to send her outside so she can get what she wants. Sure that would temporarily hush her up, but the kittens that would produce would be just as loud. And lots of extra work for me..... I will be dropping her off Monday morning, and pick her up Tuesday morning. Hopefully this will stop the crazies, and I will have my sweet little snuggler back.

On a good note however, Tricare came back and approved Nathan to have speech therapy services with a provider in Mountain Home. Once we can schedule the evaluation and set up a therapy schedule, we can stop going all the way to Boise! He really needs more than once a week, but we couldn't afford the gas. The therapist we will be seeing if all goes well sometimes goes to the client's house, which would be awesome! He has such a long way to go and intensive therapy is so far the only way they see can help him. We had an endonasalscopy (sp?) a few months ago. They basically looked at the valve between his nose and throat, and that area. The valve is supposed to close, preventing air from coming out your nose for certain sounds. His closes when he swallows, but when he speaks it just sits there, completely flaccid. He has the doctors stumped as to why his does that. So surgery won't help because it can close, it just doesn't. It has been lots of fun trying to figure him out. I think it is his way of making sure he doesn't get lost in the crowd, being the middle child. But, hurray for the ponderous insurance company for finally approving him closer to home!

And did I mention, free stuff is great! I have been wanting a George Foreman grill for a while now. Very convenient way to cook small quantities of meat quickly, which would be great for salads. So I mentioned to Mark one evening how I was thinking of pricing them and getting one, assured him that it would get a lot of use, and wouldn't just be a gadget I use twice and get tired of. The very next day, Valentines Day, I woke up and went to fix breakfast. There, on the counter, was a grill! No box or anything, but there. It turns out that a guy he worked with left it in the breakroom months ago when he moved to another base, and nobody ever used it. So he took it home. A free grill! It has been used almost every day since then. Veggies and chicken together are particularly good!

I have to devise a way to keep the kids quiet most of tomorrow. The base is doing an exercise. This is where they have a mock wartime situation, and everybody has to pretend certain jobs. Last time they had to wear chemical warfare gear and everything. The base has a big inspection coming up, so everybody is crazy right now, they want to pass inspection. Mark works on the flightline with the jets, so their shifts get messed with. They just put him on nights, 6pm to 6am. Which means that he will want to sleep most of the day, and that means I need to keep children somewhat quiet. If he is too tired at work, he could drill through a gas line, or his leg or something. I am praying for a somewhat nice day, so I won't feel too bad about maybe going outside for a while with them.


The Holloways said...

First off, kudos to you for even HAVING a pet with 3 kids...count me out. I am impressed!

Second, congrats on the insurance! It is so nice to have those things taken care of! :)

Also-YEAH FOR THE GEORGE FOREMAN! That is awesome!! I too LOVE free stuff!!!

And last--GOOD luck keeping the kids quiet. It's too bad you don't have a children's museum to go to--but maybe a trip to see your parents would work! :) Or is there a museum in Boise??

The Holloways said...

Actually looking back, I am sure there is some museum because I have been there..I just don't know how far it is from you...

Melinda said...

Hooray for ALL your good news! and good luck with keeping the noise down, I know it can be hard!

thebaskers said...

I know it's cheating, but movies work great for keeping Zaylee occupied, and relatively quiet.