Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I declare a disaster!"

That would describe my house right now. Since I have been painting furniture in my dining room for 4 days now, the rest of my house has been sadly lacking my attention. Apperantly I lack the ability to decorate and clean at the same time. The children have been making paper snowflakes all over the living room, laundry has piled up. The boys' rooms looked like a tornado had hit, but Mark was very sweet and marshaled the forces in to clean it up. It is amazing the things you find in a boy's room, especially under the bed.

But, I did manage to corrall some of the dishes that were mating in the corners of my kitchen. I even cooked something yesterday instead of ordering pizza. And the armoire is done and storing my scrapbook stuff once again, some shelves are done and holding some sewing equipment, and I am painting one last piece that will house boxes of paper and my sewing machine. Out of sight will be very welcome after all these things have been on my table for the last several days. I may just have to have people come over to celebrate! And my dining room furniture will match, if you don't look too closely, which will be really nice. It never ceases to amaze me what a simple can of paint can do. So today I will be sealing the last piece, organizing the last of the junk on my table, and putting everything in it's place. hopefully in time to cook dinnner and eat it in my new beautiful room!


The Holloways said...

I can't wait to see pics of your room all done! You are totally ambitious! I go for the small, simple projects...and am in awe that you could take on that much stuff! :)


Calista said...

Congrats on completing your furniture project! I feel the same way about stuff like that; I can never seem to work on something AND keep the house clean at the same time! And I know I get tired of looking at my scrapbooking stuff if it's been out too long; it just takes up so much space and creates a large amount of clutter...