Monday, November 26, 2007

I love Thanksgiving!

Wow, what a weekend. We were able to go down to Rigby, Idaho and spend the weekend with Mark's family. 11 adults, and 9 children in a small house for 4 days.... and we loved every minute! I had been wanting to cook my own Thanksgiving Turkey, that is one of my favorite parts. So I was exstatic when my mother-in-law called from work that morning and asked us to put the turkey in the oven. They turned to me and said, kind of like little lost children, "We don't know how to cook a turkey!" So I got to take over and sace the day. It turned out great! I am very lucky to have in-law's that don't care what I do in their kitchen, becuase it always tastes good.

Mark's sister makes pinatas every year. Oren looked like a little masked bandit when his mask fell down!
William wasn't quite sure what we wanted, and I am sure he thought we were all out of our minds, it was very cold in the garage!

Nathan enjoys picking up the candy...

The kids were wonderfully spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa, although, Mom and Dad were spoiled a little too. His mom loves kicking us out on dates when we visit, because then she can have full reign of the numerous grandchildren. She loves it, and we aren't complaining either. :-)

It is good to be back in my own house again however. 20 people can be very loud.

Also, thank you to everyone that left comments on my last post. It's great to be in contact with cousins and see how everyone is doing.


Melinda said...

Aaron's (my hubby, incase you don't remember) aunt always makes a pinata as well and it's so fun to watch the kids. When we have a bigger group for holidays I'd love to do them too. Housefuls for the holidays are just right...I'm glad you had fun at your inlaw's place!

Calista said...

I think the last time we had a pinata was for Kellen's first birthday (8 yrs ago) and that certainly wasn't homemade; we lacked sufficient knowledge for that. Sounds like you had a great time spending the holiday with family, and that's the best part:)

Calista said...

Hey, I'm back. I've set up a tag on my blog ( and would like to formally tell you that you've been tagged. If you want to participate, go to my blog to read the tag, and then post your response on your blog where we can all come read and share :)